ISSN (Online): 2456-6268
Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

2019, Vol. 4 Issue 1, Part JUNE
Effect of arsenic on lipid metabolism of a fresh water cat fish, Mystus vittatus
Author(s): Sadguru Prakash and Ashok Kumar Verma
Abstract: The present study investigated the effect of sublethal concentrations (10 and 30%) of heavy metal, arsenic on the triglyceride and cholesterol contents in liver and muscles of Mystus vittatus after exposure to 30 days. A significantly decreased lipid and increased cholesterol content of liver and muscles tissues of arsenic induced M. vittatus suggested that lipid might have undergone lypolysis, and increased in cholesterol could be due to alteration of steroid biosynthesis during the stressful situation in the intoxicated fishes. Thus, the present study concludes that the fat metabolism of fish affected during arsenic exposure and reduces the nutritive value of fish
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