ISSN (Online): 2456-6268
Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

2018, Vol. 3 Issue 1, Part JUNE
Monitoring seasonal changes in micronuclei in Catla catla from a natural habitat
Author(s): Pankaj Ror, Dhruv Kumar
Abstract: Cytogenetic biomarkers play a key role in assessing the impact of pollutants in apparently healthy sentinel aquatic organisms such as fishes. The study of erythrocyte micronuclei is an important biomarker. The frequency of micronuclei was assessed in peripheral blood cells of Catla catla, collected from a natural water body during different seasons. The results showed that there was a seasonal variation in frequency of micronuclei in Catla catla. Micronuclei frequency is a biological indicator which reflects the extent of genotoxicity in fish population and thus helps in stock assessment. It was highest during spring season and nil in monsoon season.
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