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Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

Journal of Fisheries and Life Sciences

2017, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part DECEMBER
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New record of Mugilogobius tigrinus, Larson 2001: (Gobiidae) from a freshwater stream of South Andaman, Andaman Islands, India
Praveenraj J., Sainath P., Kiruba Sankar R., Daniel N. and Dam Roy S
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Microbiological Properties of Dry Salted Hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822) Fish of Bangladesh
Bhaskar Chandra Majumdar and Ibrahim Rashid
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Population parameters and exploitation rate of two dominant fish species in Tovè River (Southern Benin)
Gildas Djidohokpin, Edmond Sossoukpè, Richard Adandé and Emile D. Fiogbé
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Socio-economic characteristics of artisanal fishers in Lagos state brackish and coastal water, Nigeria
Olaniyi Alaba Olopade, Lawal Omowunmi Maria and Henry Eyina Dienye
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Fish production in North East India address food and nutritional security of the region?
Naorem Dinesh Singh, Krishnan M., Kiresur V. R., Ramasubramanian V. and Swadesh Prakash
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Study on threatened category of freshwater fish availability in the fish market at Burdwan, West-Bengal with special reference to their conservation status
Shibam Saha, S. Behera, Abhrajyoti Mandal and Priyanka Patra
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Survivability and Transmission rate of Centrocestus sp. Cercariae larvae to early fingerlings of Koi carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Lethal number of parasites to fry stage with site preference of infection
Sumuduni B. G. D., Munasinghe D. H. N. and Arulkanthan A.
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Sri Lanka
Community dynamics of the fishes and some aspects of the limnology of two West African reservoirs
Ali F. A., Ofori-Danson P. K., Nunoo F. K. E., Idowu, R. T. and Tayib Y.
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Evaluation of tilapia grower diets of farm-made, commercial and their 1:1 mixture for small-scale hapa production of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) in Ghana
F. A. Anani, E. Agbeko and B. K. Akpakli
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Baseline Studies on Selected Hematological Parameters of Indian Major Carps, Exotic Carps and Catfishes
Naveen Kumar BT, Yadwinder Kaur, Anuj Tyagi and Shanthanagouda AH
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